Integrity & experience for Nye County

With over 34+ years of law enforcement experience it has built the foundation for my campaign

Integrity and Experience for Nye County Joe Mcgill

During his 34+ years expereince he held positions with Patrol, Problem Solving Unit, Narcotics, the VIPER Auto Theft Task Force, and various other Detective assignments.

Countdown to General Election Day

November 8th, 2022

My Mission

Under my leadership, the Nye County Sheriff’s Office will provide the best possible Law Enforcement service to the communities. This will be done with community involvement, respect, and equality. Every individual will be treated with the respect and dignity that everyone deserves. Every individual will be provided with the services of the Agency equally, regardless of race, religion, socio-economic status, community status or personal affiliations. Under my leadership, there will be no preferential treatment under any circumstances.

Under my leadership, my Administration will practice professionalism, inclusion, and transparency. Under my leadership, my Administration will treat all staff with the respect and dignity which they are due. Selective disciplinary action will not be tolerated.

Under my leadership, the Agency will hold dear the principals of the United States Constitution and the laws of the State of Nevada and Nye County. All these principals will be applied equally to all.

Under my leadership, the Agency will hold dear the rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution under the 2nd Amendment. The right to keep and bear arms will not be reduced and will be defended by the laws under my administration.

Under my leadership, my Administration will hold dear the rights of the individual. The Sheriff’s Office will exercise restraint and I will continue to fight against mandates laid down by liberal state leaders.

What are the Issues

These are priorities of my campaign.


I will dedicate the necessary resources available to the Agency to reducing fatal traffic crashes throughout the County.


Recruitment of highly qualified applicants.

Media Drive

Utilizing various methods of media to reach out to potential applicants throughout the country.

Everyone has the Opportunity

To nurture and encourage the knowledge, skills, experiences, and abilities of my staff. No matter the individual’s position, everyone should have the opportunity to excel. Input can and should be considered from the top down.

Technology Advancement

I will improve on the technological systems used by the Agency. I will work on looking into technology to meet the needs of the Agency and to improve those already in use.


Everyone is accountable to someone. From the Sheriff to the newest Academy Recruits, we all are required to answer to someone. No one person under my supervision has all the answers to everything. I will lead the Agency by using the skills of each individual under me.


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